Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Food Labeling the New Tobacco Litigation?

Friends and former colleagues have done a lot of asbestos defense over the years. Most have moved on. Food labeling may be the next target for tobacco and asbestos style big bucks litigation. At least a well-written article by Vanessa Blum of The Recorder titled Welcome to Food Court hints in that direction.

As one San Jose attorney, Pierce Gore, put it:
Why shouldn't consumers be entitled to educate themselves and choose for themselves? These companies are lying on their labels. They've been doing it for years. They're unhappy they got caught.
If I were in the food business, I would be careful about how I label my food these days. If you call something natural, it might turn into a target for litigation if there is an argument it's man created, e.g., corn syrup or if you label an ingredient one name and an attorney or expert feels it is better labeled something else, you may find yourself mired in a sticky, expensive class-action lawsuit.

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